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Welcome to the We Grieve Community

We bring grieving people together to heal

We Grieve is a community of loss communities

Many represent the loss of a person to death. Others include people experiencing a loss of connection such as a pet, a significant relationship, a job, or career. For some the loss of connection is an inability to be with the people you love.

Our Mission


Bringing grieving people together to heal.

We Grieve offers companionship and support for healthy healing through connection in loss communities, virtual workshops, and print resources.

Grief Looks Different For Everyone.
Walking Alongside Others Can Help.


Are you or a loved one hurting and in need of a community who understands your grief? Our Communities offer positive connections, compassionate support, and encouragement for healthy coping. Click on a link below to see how a community can help.

Loss of Connection

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Loss of Partner

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Loss of Parent

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Loss of Child

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Loss of Friend

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Loss by Suicide

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