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Counseling Services


Grief Counseling

When someone you love comes to the end of their life and your world comes to a screeching halt, you may need help making sense of all that is happening to you, and the experience of someone who understands grief and loss. Because grief is so unique to every individual, you need a personalized approach from a skilled professional who brings compassion, caring and empathy.

Grief Workshops & Grief Resources

In 2021 I created an online community called “We Grieve”, with a mission to bring grieving people together to heal. We Grieve offers companionship and support for healthy healing through connection in loss communities, free virtual workshops, and print resources. If you have experienced a significant loss and need help, head over to We Grieve.

Trauma, Fear & Anxiety

There are few more powerful losses one can experience than losing a loved one by suicide. If this has been your experience, I can help you begin to understand the intense emotions and trauma caused by this loss. More than likely, you will need 1:1 help with this loss, especially if there are circumstances creating complex grief such as previous attempts, mental illness, multiple losses, trauma, and of course, the nature of your relationship with the person you lost.


Marriage Counseling

While the atmosphere in every relationship is unique to that relationship, there are basic principles necessary for the success of all relationships. I will listen carefully to learn the uniqueness of your relationship, and I have the skills and training to bring new insights and solutions you may not have seen using basic relational concepts and tools including the love bank, meeting emotional needs, the giver and the taker, and the states of mind in relationships. (Basic concepts and tools championed by Dr. Willard Harley,

Pre-Marriage Counseling

Couples preparing for marriage tend to focus on planning an awesome ceremony and party, but not really thinking a lot about building a strong marriage relationship. I bring a focus to pre-marriage topics essential for building a healthy and satisfying marriage, and not just throwing a party. I can help you with a meaningful ceremony, but I can also help you establish a strong, healthy relationship and provide you with the tools you need to stay healthy and enjoy each other for the rest of your lives.

Family Counseling

Sometimes both nuclear and extended families need help working through conflict and re-establishing healthy communication that has broken down. I bring tools and expertise in re-establishing communication and have found great success with adolescents where help is needed on a variety of issues.


Anxiety & Stress

Stress takes a toll on all of us, and there are times when we allow our energy reserves to become so depleted that we find ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and relationally empty. In this condition we make mistakes, miss opportunities, create pain for ourselves and others, and threaten our physical health. I can help you understand what got you to this place and help chart a new course. I will provide simple tools to you build resilience.


As a chaplain I have worked extensively with people experiencing the effects of all kinds of trauma. I bring not only an understanding, but tools to help you address the event and the multifaceted challenge trauma creates. I can help you establish a healthy life after trauma.

Spirituality & Faith

Whatever your beliefs may be, I can tell you they are extremely important to your ability to develop resilience against adversity and challenges in your life. Having a source of strength larger than yourself is essential to emotional and psychological health. You may need help with understanding the meaning and purpose of what you are experiencing, and assistance connecting with the support available to you from your faith and spirituality. (Personally, I am a Christian. As a Chaplain, I respect and understand the value of all religions and work well with people from all or no faith groups.)